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Project Management

xing wei services project management

Project execution within the offshore industry is often subjected to extreme datelines and workload whereby every decision can drastically affect the project.

Our project management personnel are highly experienced, with relevant backgrounds in the fields of the offshore design, construction and installation. This ensures that we find the right solution for our client as cost-effectively as possible. Project personnel will always exercise due dilligence, ensuring projects will be completed on time and within budget and that appropriate contingencies are in place.

In addition our systematic approach to the project ensures that our assignments are managed in a consistent and effective way. Scope of work, milestones dates and critical success factors are documented and carefully managed, along with constraints such as budgets and targets.

Our experiences in project management range from new building, conversion to engineering projects and studies. Work can be performed on behalf of the Client whether it’s a Ship Owner, Oil Company or a Shipyard. Our people have successfully performed projects in compliance with customer requirements as well as Classification and Authorities rules and regulations.

We strongly believed that Project control is essential for the success of all projects. Planning, monitoring and interface control are all factors which can drastically affect project results. These areas are also high dependable on routines, procedures and each individuals experience and expertise

As a part of our management system, each project will have an execution plan including the following:

•    Organization & Resource Schedule
•    Master Schedule
•    Reporting Format
•    Responsibility Matrix
•    QA & HSE Plans
•    Structural Completion Schedule
•    Mechanical Completion Schedule
•    Electrical Completion Schedule
•    FAT & Pre-Commissioning Schedule
•    Commissioning Schedule
•    Start-up Procedures
•    Hand-over Procedures